By: Jennie Hempstead and Laura Dempsey

  • Innovation doesn’t happen within a single entity or organization
  • Partners become champions, so partner wisely
  • End-users are integral to the process and value partial solutions over perfect engineering
  • Innovation means working around barrier, after barrie...
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Tech Sprint Focuses on Revamping Approaches to Hydrating Isolated Personnel by Laura Dempsey
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By Laura Dempsey

Wright Brothers Institute

Space TACE Sprint Participants at WBI’s Springfield Street facility in January 2020. Dr..Kerianne Hobbs is second from the left.

The Air Force is all about moving toward systems that work independently – autonomously – thereby leaving the human factor availab...
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With all the advanced science and technology surrounding Air Force autonomy, it’s hard to imagine the outdated catch phrase, “Synchronize your watches!” would still be relevant. However, a key component of successful autonomous communication is the ability to connect to a centralized time server. Di...

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The military and police forces are interested in applying Air Force Research Laboratory human factors engineering approaches and technologies to police squad cars. AFRL/RH has led this project because of the potential of technology transfer and transition to police forces. Officers from the Dayton P...
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