Wendell Banks

Executive Director

w 937.424.3508

Chris Remillard

Chief Operating Officer

w 937.424.3518

Bart Barthelemy

Founding Director

w 937.424.8663

A - Z

Joseph Althaus

Rapid Innovation 

Program Manager, Engineer

w 937.424.3512

Gabrielle Brooks

Facility Coordinato2nd Street

w 937 424-8674 

Laura Dempsey

Content Developer


Larisa Dmitrienko

Collaborative Innovation 

Project Leader

w 937.424.8675

Steve Fennessey

Director of Innovation and 

Air Force/DoD Engagement

w 937.424.3523

Danielle Garmann

Business Manager 

w 937.424.8677

Jennie Hempstead

Marketing Consultant

w 937.424.8676

Eric Hill

Technology Commercialization Manager 

w 937.424.8667

Nikki Krebs

Deputy Chief Operating Officer 

w 937.424.3521

Aaron (Chewwie) Kubatka

Rapid Innovation Manager 

w 910.890.6666

Bob Lee

Open Innovation Project Manager

w 937.424.3517

Tony Lizza

Innovation Project Manager

w 937.424.3502

Heidi Longaberger

Integrated Intelligence Leader

w 937.424.3516

Ann Luneke

Facility Coordinator 

w 937.424.8661

Jim Masonbrink

Small Business Hub 

Program Director

m 937.689.0889

René Meadors

Commercialization Program Manager

w 937.424.3505

Brad Miller

Master Machinist

m 937.367.4982

Tom Mitchell

Rapid Innovation 

Operations Manager

w 937.424.3530

Claude Nicol


Engineering Technologist

w 937.853.3040

Angela Pickard

Human Resources and 

Executive Assistant

w 937.424.3520

Emily Simon

Senior Accountant

Tina Speers

Operations Manager

w 937.424.8674

Scott Springer

Director of Collaboration 

& Development 

w 937.424.3504

Martin Stieger

Director of Technology

w 937.424.8666

Tim Strange

Innovation Project Lead 

w 937.424.3514

Matt Sunday

Rapid Innovation Engineer

m 859.242.0911

Tara Taylor

Technology Transition Manager

m 901.481.1315

Ben Wallace

Director of Operations - Works

w 937.853.3022

Peter Werwick

Innovation Project Leader

w 937.424.3509

David (Mike) White

Asset Inventory &

Ship/Rec Manager

w 937.853.3036

Diane Williams

Director of Operations ICC

w 937.424.8668 | f 937.252.6870

Robert Williamson


w 937.424.8662