Insight to Innovation.

Innovation means solving the RIGHT problem with the right tools and techniques. Wright Brothers Institute uses a wide variety of approaches to provide our customers with a solid foundation that results in better decision making.

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Wright-AI (Advanced Intelligence)

Beyond trends, we’re looking at the disruptive technologies of the future. We’ve incorporated machine learning into our proven dynamic methodologies, analytical frameworks, big data analytics capabilities, subject matter expertise, and access to diverse well-respected data sources.

Competitive Integrated Intelligence (CI2) Services 

CI2 provides robust technology and market research intelligence using a multi‐lens focused framework that drives speed and comprehensive awareness in decision‐making. Using cutting‐edge machine learning technologies, a rich set of databases and deep analytical expertise, we quickly cut through the noise in big data to deliver high value answers to cross‐disciplinary complex challenges faced by Federal Labs and their partners.

Divergent Collaboration Workshop

A two-day workshop that examines the challenge or opportunity space and develops insights, possibilities and potential solution perspectives.  Participants are selected from experts that are tangentially and uniquely related to various elements of the challenge/opportunity space. WBI facilitates the collaboration of these diverse perspectives to generate unique solutions or possibilities.


Open Innovation Challenges

WBI facilitates Open Innovation challenges to leverage a predetermined network of solvers. The best ideas that effectively address the problem are awarded and recognized. In exchange for the reward, the idea or solution is transferred to you to implement. 


Hackathons attract the dynamic problem solvers. Uncover new, open source, demonstratable and scalable solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional research and development. 



Are you ready to tackle the most compelling challenges associated with your project or program?  A sprint reduces the inherent risks in research and development, gives a clear “no/go” decision for the program allowing you to save time and money. 

Rapid Prototyping

Fieldable prototypes begin, iterate and mature with our Prototyping Hub and WBI Works expertise. Users propel research via innovative thinking, problem definition and cutting-edge equipment to overcome design challenges with great speed and agility.