Pathways to Production.

WBI focuses on ensuring that disruptive technologies are connected to the right people and resources, at the right time, so they can be transitioned to the warfighter, faster. 

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Leveraging the Lab
Technology Transfer 

When the gap between discovery and development slows innovation, WBI programming ensures that technologies originating from the Air Force are captured in time, effectively positioned for advancement, and directly marketed to potential partners for the next step in product development.

Leveraging the Marketplace
Technology Transition 

Why reinvent the wheel when someone else has done the work? WBI scouts new technologies and products, connecting them to acquisition pathways, and bringing them to the operational Air Force so that our warfighters are able to meet the challenges they face in the field.

Leveraging the Solutions
Commercialization Services

Training, partnerships and Accelerators are just a few of the ways WBI partners with experts to help companies learn, understand, and meet the needs of both military and commercial markets so that they can impact all comers and be uniquely positioned to scale for success.