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WBI talks 'Marketing the Lab' at FLC National Conference
The Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC)’s annual national conference is a well-intended event during which everything to do with government labs is on the table at locations across the country that change each year. This year’s meeting fell victim to the lingering COVID-19 pandemic and took the proc...
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A Team Approach to Certification - WBI featured by Certified Licensing Professionals, Inc.

In early 2021, WBI worked with AFRL to identify the top most commercially-relevant technologies for active, targeted outreach efforts. Once those technologies were identified and marketing materials were developed, Rene' Meadors and Robert Prosak from commercialization services conducted outrea...
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WBIs Commercialization Team Members earn Prestigious Certification
Written by Laura Dempsey

The Commercialization Team at Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) has years of experience in issues of intellectual property, patents, technology transfer and transition, and facilitating partnerships between the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and industry, academia, and ot...
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