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WBI Discusses Importance of PIAs, Air Force Innovation during Panel Discussion at License Executives Society Annual Meeting 

The Licensing Executives Society (LES) Annual Meeting in October of 2019 attracts licensing experts across North America. Per the LES website, "Today, 80 percent of the equity value of a publicly traded company is in its intellectual capital. With that percentage it reasons that properly managi...

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WBI Sprint Results in Technology Materials Transfer Agreement for Air Force Additive Manufacturing Power Generation Capability

When most people think of NASA or Aerospace Systems, they don’t think “additive manufacturing”.

When most people think of Materials Science, they don’t think “power generation”.

When most people think of Tech Sprints, they don’t think “new partnerships”.

Successful Tech Sprints are usually defined...

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Cyber exploitation is now a key element of harvesting intellectual property from the U.S. military. The Director of National Intelligence specifically identified defense contractors and communications firms as the primary focal points of China in his testimony to the Senate Select Committee on Intel...

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