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For Immediate Release: Wright Brothers Institute, Treble One Partnership Aims to Boost Small Business, Accelerate Capability for the Air Force

Dayton, March 3, 2021: Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) and Treble One Aerospace Consulting have entered into a collaborative agreement, forming a new strategic partnership between the organizations that will enhance both businesses and provide considerable added value to their mutual customer, ...

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AFRL uses WBI Talent to Deliver Message in Non-traditional Format
By Laura Dempsey:

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)  is in the midst of its wide-ranging 2030 Implementation Strategy, taking edicts found in the 2030 Science & Technology Strategy released in April 2019 to the workforce, thereby keeping the United States at a technological advantage.

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WBI-Works Team Aids AFRL in Testing of Game-Changing Unmanned Aquatic Rescue Vehicle

Written by: Laura Dempsey

Unmanned systems aren’t just for aircraft anymore. 

The Air Force Research Laboratory’s Sensors Directorate (AFRL/RY) has taken the idea of unmanned vehicles to the water with the Autonomous Aquatic Rescue Craft (A-ARC). The A-ARC is essentially a jet ski that can operat...
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Air & Industry Impact Week was the picture of collaboration! To view all of the speakers, attendees, graphic recordings, and more visit

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ENGAGE Newsletter: Connecting the  Department of the Air Force Scientific Enterprise

Our partners at the Air Force Research Laboratory want to share updates about the Scientific & Technology Strategy. With so much change happening inside the lab, the ENGAGE newsletter keeps the workforce inside the fence updated on the latest developments. AFRL also understands t...

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