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WBI talks 'Marketing the Lab' at FLC National Conference
The Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC)’s annual national conference is a well-intended event during which everything to do with government labs is on the table at locations across the country that change each year. This year’s meeting fell victim to the lingering COVID-19 pandemic and took the proc...
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Dayton, July 17, 2019: Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) has expanded their Commercialization Services offerings with two new team members that will help the Air Force Research Laboratory connect their technologies to industry and military markets.

Ms. Rene Meadors, MBA is the new Industry Outreach Pro...

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Cyber exploitation is now a key element of harvesting intellectual property from the U.S. military. The Director of National Intelligence specifically identified defense contractors and communications firms as the primary focal points of China in his testimony to the Senate Select Committee on Intel...

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