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April 27, 2022: Wright Brothers Institute (WBI), in partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), is proud to host the awards presentation culminating the successful end to the fourth annual “Beyond 5G Software Defined Radio University Challenge.” This hybrid event will feature a team s...
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Gunshots that arent: Exploring the Use of Artificial Sound in Military, Law Enforcement Activity
Engineers at the Air Force Research Lab’s Munitions Directorate wanted to explore the idea of using replicated gunshots for military and possible civilian law-enforcement use.

Real life - logistics, tactics, and strategy - limit the options of the firearms operator with regard to enemy engagement. Th...
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WBI, AFRL & FIRST Robotics Challenge Ohio Students to Give Dragons Mascot Wings
Heater, the bright green, bottom-heavy mascot of the Dayton Dragons, is notably earthbound. That said, he does reside in Dayton, Ohio, where man learned to fly - and he is to all appearances a dragon. Dragons fly. Heater walks, skips, jumps and dances, but Heater doesn’t fly.

The Air Force Research L...
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WBIs SBIR Summit Educates, Enlightens and Highlights Businesses for Air Force Engagement
Written by: Laura Dempsey

Wright Brothers Institute hosted a SBIR Summit May 10, 2021, providing a public forum for small businesses to pitch their emerging technology and an opportunity to connect with Air Force Research Laboratory evaluators, decision makers and subject matter experts. In all, 29 t...
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WBI COVID-19 Response Series: Alternative Medical Facilities & Hospital Surge Considerations
Author: Matthew B. Sunday, MSME, Wright Brothers Institute - March 31st, 2020

Without defined best practices to manage hospital HVAC during the COVID-19 pandemic, implemented air quality strategies may result in heightened SARS-CoV- 2 exposure to occupants and residence in the surrounding c...
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