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Many potential partners who want to interact with the Air Force (AF) have difficulty in navigating its structure. An “AF Science & Technology (S&T) Front Door” IPT was formed by AFRL to work on identifying the means needed to relieve this burden through the creation of a convenient virtual “...

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WBI Summer of Innovation 2.0 Support Accelerates Autonomy Validation for Air Force, Department of Defense
Air Force systems are becoming more complex, and the push for increased autonomy in these systems means that complexity will grow even faster than before. Tests and simulation methods need exponentially more effort to properly evaluate more complex systems, and leaves more room for error, while dema...
01.11.19 06:44 PM - Comment(s)
WBI Connects AF Maintenance Next Team to New Partners, Closes Gap on Maintainer Shortage
The Air Force has a shortage of trained maintenance crews and this will help them get up to speed and make less mistakes by providing direct reference via augmented reality to the crews.

This is an exploratory project to see if Augmented Reality can be used on the flight line to improve efficiency an...

07.10.19 07:34 PM - Comment(s)
WBI Expertise, Knowledge Connects AFRL AI Manufacturing Network to Accelerate 3-D Printing for Operational Use

WBI helped AFRL/RX set up the collaboration environment that creates a secure domain for students and AFRL researchers to work in tandem on basic research data and collaborate in real-time. creates a secure domain for students and AFRL researchers to work in tandem on basic research data and collabo...

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WBI Partners with AF Explore to Accelerate 2030 Study Response and Bolster Future Capabilities

AF Explore will act as the pipeline for pre-developed Vanguard concepts. This pilot program has the potential to accelerate research areas within AFRL, as they become capabilities in collaboration with the Air Force Warfighting Integration Capability (AFWIC) office. The program seeks to develop fiel...

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