WBI Connects AF Maintenance Next Team to New Partners, Closes Gap on Maintainer Shortage

07.10.19 07:34 PM By Jennie Hempstead

A new way of doing maintenance on flight lines that could save time and reduce errors.

The Air Force has a shortage of trained maintenance crews and this will help them get up to speed and make less mistakes by providing direct reference via augmented reality to the crews.

This is an exploratory project to see if Augmented Reality can be used on the flight line to improve efficiency and reliability of maintenance work for AF crews. This project is designed to mock a tire change on an aircraft using a surrogate Wright Brothers Bicycle. This follows the same Technical order procedure that maintenance crews would use on a real aircraft. 

WBI's workshop engaged a nontraditional partner, generated ideas on what would make a good test to work out the issues with real flight line operations and also provide a platform for measuring time to complete tasks without having to log the operations. WBI helped get the developer connected to the operational teams so this could mimic reality on the flight line.