Jira, a top-ranking commercial project management software platform published by Atlassian, is the focus of a new user group launched by Wright Brothers Institute and Air Force Research Laboratory Digital Capabilities Directorate (DCD). Joel Rauch, Digital Systems Administrator at WBI, in partnershi...

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Wright Brothers Institute (WBI), in partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), is proud to host the awards presentation culminating the successful end to the sixth annual “Software Defined Radio University Challenge”. This event will feature an awards ceremony on Friday, April 19, fr...
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In the face of a global crisis, innovation and collaboration have proven to be our greatest assets. Nowhere is this more evident than in the success story of the Vulcan Ventilator Project, a remarkable initiative born out of necessity and driven by the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On March 28, 2...
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Wright Brothers Institute President Announces Retirement
WBI President, Mr. Wendell Banks, has announced his retirement after serving as WBI's leader after four years. Wendell joined WBI in October of 2019 to support engagement between WBI and theAir Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). In the months that followed, Wendell experienced the unexpect...
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Nurturing Tomorrow's Aerospace Innovators: A Look back at Air Camp's 2023 Programing
WBI's Crucial Role in Air Camp's Development
The partnership between Air Camp and Wright Brothers Institute has been instrumental in shaping the program's trajectory. In March 2021, WBI was engaged to establish a pilot program aimed at developing and executing a mobile version of Air Camp for possibl...
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