Nurturing Tomorrow's Aerospace Innovators: A Look back at Air Camp's 2023 Programing
WBI's Crucial Role in Air Camp's Development
The partnership between Air Camp and Wright Brothers Institute has been instrumental in shaping the program's trajectory. In March 2021, WBI was engaged to establish a pilot program aimed at developing and executing a mobile version of Air Camp for possibl...
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WBI's Partnership with Miami University's Lee and Rosemary Innovation College@Elm Established Pipeline for Technology Transfer, Talent, and Technological Advancement

On October 5th, 2023, a continued collaboration between academia and innovation unfolded as WBI's Technology Transition Manager presented during October’s open house event of Miami University's "Lee and Rosemary Innovation College@Elm." 

The College@Elm facility is designed to support ...

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Empowering Digital Transformation: A Week of Collaboration with Solve/Next
In a dynamic week of collaboration, Nikolai Gregory Galle and his SolveNext team joined forces with the Wright Brothers Institute and the Air Force Research Laboratory teams for the third consecutive workshop. The intensive sessions centered around ThinkWrong, Solution Hypothesis, and Discovery Driv...
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WBIs National Semiconductor Initiatives and Opportunities Collider brings academia, defense partners together for collaborative, economic benefits 
In the digital age, where technology is the driving force behind economic progress, semiconductor microprocessors are the life blood of the items we use daily. These tiny chips power everything from smartphones and laptops to complex data centers and autonomous vehicles. The United States, at the fo...
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Wright Brothers Institute and AFRL's Google Cloud Success: A Path to Innovation 
In the dynamic landscape of technological advancements for national security and defense, it is heartening to celebrate success stories that exemplify innovation, collaboration, and excellence. In August 2023 Air Force Research La...
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