By: Jennie Hempstead and Laura Dempsey

  • Innovation doesn’t happen within a single entity or organization
  • Partners become champions, so partner wisely
  • End-users are integral to the process and value partial solutions over perfect engineering
  • Innovation means working around barrier, after barrie...
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AFRL scientists and engineers (S&Es) are tasked with developing technology and disclosing innovations in their particular areas of expertise and research. As they develop such technologies, the S&Es are sometimes working with a limited field-of-view regarding potential innovative additions t...
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For the first time ever, the Air Force Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Technology Executive Office held "Pitch Day" at WBI's 444 location in downtown Dayton. Inspired by other pitch day activities across the Air Force, this event format awards qualifying small businesses wit...

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The Licensing Executives Society (LES) Annual Meeting in October of 2019 attracts licensing experts across North America. Per the LES website, "Today, 80 percent of the equity value of a publicly traded company is in its intellectual capital. With that percentage it reasons that properly managi...

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The Air Force has a shortage of trained maintenance crews and this will help them get up to speed and make less mistakes by providing direct reference via augmented reality to the crews.

This is an exploratory project to see if Augmented Reality can be used on the flight line to improve efficiency an...

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