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WBI Collider Gives Small Businesses Inside Info on T2/T3 Processes

By: Laura Dempsey

On a rainy Thursday in February, an interest in working with the government brought 55 people to Wright Brothers Institute’s downtown Dayton facility, all eager to learn the open secrets of the world of defense contracting. An additional 111 people took the remote route, taking adva...

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WBIs SBIR Ventures Provides Valuable Funding, Marketing, Partnerships
The most important aspect of the Wright Brothers Institute’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) SBIR Ventures is finding the “next step” for SBIR technology transition. This is a multifaceted undertaking, including identifying non-SBIR funding, market awareness opportunities, and prototyping ...
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First Synthetic Biology Challenge Successful in Attracting Interest, Awarding $1M to Winning Company 

Wright Brothers Institute designed a series of challenges seeking solutions in the field of synthetic biology. (Courtesy illustration) 

Written by: Laura Dempsey

Wright Brothers Institute was enlisted by the Air Force Research Laboratory’s 711th Human Performance Wing to execute three nation...

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Startup Weeks are an excellent path for businesses to grab the attention of government agencies. These organizations recognize the importance of seeking out new collaborations outside of their vast existing network of contractors, and they embrace Startup Week as a convenient way to do that. Ev...

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The Air Force SBIR/STTR program is in the midst of a major transformation to accelerate critical new technologies to the warfighter, including a new emphasis on the STTR program. Per the SBIR/STTR website; “STTR topics, which require a small business to partner with a research institution, typi...

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