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WBI Collider Gives Small Businesses Inside Info on T2/T3 Processes

By: Laura Dempsey

On a rainy Thursday in February, an interest in working with the government brought 55 people to Wright Brothers Institute’s downtown Dayton facility, all eager to learn the open secrets of the world of defense contracting. An additional 111 people took the remote route, taking adva...

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WBI's Small Business Hub Gives Local Entrepreneurs Effective Growth Tools

By: Laura Dempsey

The Small Business Hub’s frequent Colliders are one of the secret weapons in a small-business arsenal. Participation is free, no travel is required, and they usually last between two and four hours – taking an afternoon for “training” is much more cost-effective than traveling or pa...
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WBIs SBIR Ventures Team Preps Small Businesses for Contracting Success
The SBIR Ventures team at Wright Brothers Institute is busy making a difference to small businesses in a variety of ways, all ultimately relating to the bottom line.

The team acts as a bridge between small businesses and government, offering education, guidance and support every step of the way. For ...
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WBI-Sinclair STEM Camp Gives Students Hands-on UAS Experience
Written by: Laura Dempsey
Wright Brothers Institute cares not just about the Air Force of today: part of WBI’s focus is preparing for the Air Force of tomorrow.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) activities are an integral part of identifying and energizing student interest in ...
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WBIs SBIR Ventures Team Guides Battlefield Garment-makers Success in Commercial, DoD Market
Programs designed and administered by Wright Brothers Institute have been instrumental in the promising success of Legionarius ,LLC, whose “smart garment” is poised to change the field of battle by sensing penetrating wounds and burns while simultaneously alerting medical support. Legionarius, LLC i...
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