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Ms. Devaki Raj, CEO and Founder at CrowdAI, pitches her product to a crowd of small businesses, venture capitalists, and Airmen during the Inaugural Air Force Pitch Day in Manhattan, New York, March 7, 2019. Raj was awarded a same-day contract with the U.S. Air Force during AF Pitch Day. AF Pitch Day is designed as a fast-track program to put companies on one-page contracts and same-day awards with the swipe of a government credit card. The Air Force is partnering with small businesses to help further national security in air, space and cyberspace. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech Sgt. Anthony Nelson Jr.)

In 2017 the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Mike Moulton, working with Bob Lee from Wright Brothers Institute and Adam Renner, a former AFRL/RH employee, collaborated to build a physiological monitoring system that could be incorporated with a communication earplug for pilot health monitoring. This ...

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In 2013, the C-5 Galaxy, the Air Force’s workhorse that delivers everything from potable water to Blackhawk Helicopters to troops on the ground, began the modernization process. It needed to execute more missions, with more cargo, using fewer aircraft. The estimated cost? $7.4 billion.

Fast forward t...

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Successful tech startups are the product of expert teams. Subject matter experts understand the technical aspects of the company’s offering. Entrepreneurs have the stamina and passion to build a business from the ground up, along with a keen understanding of the market. When these teams have first-h...

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