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WBI's Small Business Hub Gives Local Entrepreneurs Effective Growth Tools

By: Laura Dempsey

The Small Business Hub’s frequent Colliders are one of the secret weapons in a small-business arsenal. Participation is free, no travel is required, and they usually last between two and four hours – taking an afternoon for “training” is much more cost-effective than traveling or pa...
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When sequestration hit Wright Patterson Air Force Base in 2013, hard decisions had to be made. Beginning in March of that year, 42 percent of the $37.2 billion in defense spending cuts impacted areas like procurement, research and development, along with testing and evaluation. Leadership had to mak...

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This event is a joint US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) -UK Defense Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL) pilot project, managed by Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) that facilitates collaboration between non-traditional participants to find innovative approache...

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