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AFRL uses WBI Talent to Deliver Message in Non-traditional Format
By Laura Dempsey:

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)  is in the midst of its wide-ranging 2030 Implementation Strategy, taking edicts found in the 2030 Science & Technology Strategy released in April 2019 to the workforce, thereby keeping the United States at a technological advantage.

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Wright Brothers Institute chooses former AFRL executive as Director
Dayton, July 16, 2020: Wright Brothers Institute’s Board of Trustees announced today that Wendell Banks has been selected as the new Executive Director. Mr. Banks had been serving as Interim Director since early February after the unexpected passing of then-Director Dr. David Walker.

Mr. Banks, a for...
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Dayton, June 4, 2020: An ambitious and comprehensive collaborative effort has resulted in five successful prototype ventilators that are both low-cost and highly producible, addressing a projected shortfall of the medical devices desperately needed during the COVID-19 crisis. 

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Webinar on Pandemic Challenges and Pivoting to Future Success Affirms WBIs Virtual Efforts
Written by: Lauren Dempsey

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cast a sobering and uncertain light on the future, it often pays to seek wise counsel from the experts.

To this end, some of the Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) workforce attended in a webinar titled COVID-19 Uncertainties: Align Your Fu...
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By: Jennie Hempstead and Laura Dempsey

  • Innovation doesn’t happen within a single entity or organization
  • Partners become champions, so partner wisely
  • End-users are integral to the process and value partial solutions over perfect engineering
  • Innovation means working around barrier, after barrie...
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