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For Immediate Release: WBI Welcomes Two New Members to Board of Trustees

Dayton, August 10, 2021: Two new individuals have officially joined Wright Brothers Institute Board of Trustees. 

“It’s critical for WBI’s Board of Trustees to have representation from the defense community, R&D experts, academia, and the region’s business ecosystem. Madhavi and Jack both br...

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Workforce Spotlight: Dr. Robert Barthelemy
What brought you to WBI?

Actually, WBI was brought to me. In 2001, several senior executives from AFRL asked me to start an innovation and collaboration center near W-PAFB to assist AFRL in those areas.  After about a year of researching and preparation, we stood up WBI in late 2002 and it’s bee...

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Warfighters are called upon to ingest massive amounts of information from disparate sources and required to make rapid and effective decisions without fail. By identifying disruptive, emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI),  Machine Learning (ML), Augmented Reality/Virtual R...

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Dayton, June 4, 2020: An ambitious and comprehensive collaborative effort has resulted in five successful prototype ventilators that are both low-cost and highly producible, addressing a projected shortfall of the medical devices desperately needed during the COVID-19 crisis. 

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WBI Gives New AFRL Business Initiative Marketing Push, Gets Quality Results

Written by: Laura Dempsey

When the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) decided on a new, revolutionary way to do business, they realized that a solid marketing plan was a fundamental requirement. The launch of AF Explore was set for September 2019, and the team behind AF Explore turned to Wright Bro...

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