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Small, Medium Turbine Engines the Focus of Inclusive Working Group Assembled by WBI for AFRL

By: Laura Dempsey

Wright Brothers Institute was engaged to facilitate the creation of a working group focused on small and medium turbine engines. Using its extensive roster of industry connections and capabilities in the world of turbine engines, WBI connected the Air Force Research Laboratory and t...

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What's Working at WBI

WBI Connects Air Force Junior Force Council Members to NASA, Industry at WBI Mentorship Event

In an effort to provide a forum for Air Force Junior Force Council (JFC) members to connect with mentors, scientists and engineers from outside of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), WBI hosted the 201...

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WBI Presents Second Annual Bench-to-Business Showcase

“How can we feed the pipeline?” Mr. Tom Lockhart, (Director, Plans & Programs) at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) asked this question at the 2018 Bench-to-Business Event, hosted by Wright Brothers Institute on November 7. The Air Force knows that getting technology-based capabilities to...

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Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) is a cutting-edge innovation and technology commercialization center for the Air Force Research Laboratory, with facilities located just outside of WPAFB in Dayton, OH. We drive fast, agile innovation that enables successful technology development to solve the Air For...

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In 2013, Wired Magazine suggested that “sensors might be what help small businesses create a competitive advantage, differentiate themselves from the big guys, and lead to more valuable product offerings.” Five years later, the Air Force is taking a strong look at small businesses to provide low-cos...

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