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WBI Instrumental in Air Force Shift to Simplifying Software Update Protocols
The Air Force has long suffered from a software sustainment drain: individual program offices were required to maintain their ‘personal’ versions of the software they employ. The Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate (AFRL/RV) engaged with Wright Brothers Institute to tackle this ...
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Cloud Computing Spreads Through AFRL as Researchers Embrace Its Versatility, Low Cost, Ease of Use

Written by: Laura Dempsey

It began as an experimental pilot program for a relatively small group of researchers, only to spread across Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)directorates through word of mouth, successful applications, and amazing ease of use. ...

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5G – fifth generation – is the next generation of wireless networks and is in many ways a vast improvement over 4G. According to c|, the biggest pros are its huge bandwidth, its low latency (ability to respond quickly when transferring data back and forth), and high density, or the ability to...

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