Lessons learned from the first Air Force Research Laboratory event at the Wright Brothers Institute - 2nd St. location.

(Pilot). Used as a verb...test (a plan, project, etc.) before introducing it more widely.

Like any test, there is uncertainty in the outcome. The Summer of Innovation Pilot, based on...

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A recap of the 2017 Catalyst Event

A clear transformation for the Dayton region is emerging and the proof is in the stories shared at Catalyst on December 8, 2017 at the Sinclair Conference Center. Founded in 2014, by The Entrepreneur Center, Catalyst has become a signature event to bring the Dayton ...

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When Wright Brothers Institute opened its doors at 444–the new collaborative innovation hub located at 444 E Second St in downtown Dayton– it re-focused its efforts to energize world-class R...

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You meet someone at an event and find out that you have similar R&D goals. They work for the Air Force…how interesting! You wonder if working with them on a project would spark some creative breakthrough. You have lots of ideas! You are excited to follow up!

And then you remember…

…they work for t...

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Makerspaces are producing more than prototypes for one Department of Defense laboratory and could build the blueprint for changing workforce culture.

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The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) was looking for creative ways to inspire its employees. Facing an unprecedented 30% attrition rate of its work...

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