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Wright Brothers Institute and AFRL's Google Cloud Success: A Path to Innovation 
In the dynamic landscape of technological advancements for national security and defense, it is heartening to celebrate success stories that exemplify innovation, collaboration, and excellence. In August 2023 Air Force Research La...
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Summer of Innovation Gives Students Well-Rounded Glimpse into Collaborative, Confident Future

For most of the students in Wright Brothers Institute’s Summer of Innovation STEM internship program, a career in science, technology, engineering or math is a given. Even though the intensive eight weeks spent at WBI’s 444 East Second Street collaboration facility took them through a simulated real...

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Area High School Students Spend Summer Studying STEM with WBI

Wright Brothers Institute is cultivating some scientists and engineers this summer, hosting 28 area high-school students for an eight-week paid internship program laser-focused on science, technology, engineering and math, better known as STEM.

The students, representing 13 area high schools, applied...
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In February of 2023, Akron-based company MemPro USA Ltd visited the Air Force Research Laboratory's Materials and Manufacturing Directorate (AFRL/RX) to see a demonstration of the technology titled "Extruded Ceramic Nanofibers and Derived Materials." MemPro’s focus is reducing the cost of ...
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WBI Promotes AFRL Tech Transfer Programs at FLC National Event

Wright Brothers Institute had a strong presence at this year’s Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) National Meeting, held March 28-30 in downtown Cleveland.

The FLC comprises more than 300 federal laboratories, agencies and research centers. It was created to encourage, enable and improve U.S. produc...

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