Funded Cybersecurity Veterans Assistance Program (C-VAP) Collider Connects Veterans to Critical Air Force Need 

19.12.19 08:41 PM By Jennie Hempstead

There is a huge demand for Cybersecurity professionals in the DoD and increasing the workforce in this field is essential to our national security. This Collider connected academia to industry and will help build the Cybersecurity workforce.

The response from attendees was extremely positive and number of them are eager to get picked for the January class. I was told that in a number of cases supervisors encouraged them to attend this collider because it was relevant to their cybersecurity needs so we must be onto something here. A huge discovery was that although our program is focused on folks earning a Security+ cybersecurity certification to jumpstart a career in cybersecurity, there was quite a bit of interest by those who already have Security+ and saw our DLG program as a way to earn CEUs to help keep their Security+ current. This means we will be able to add value to the Air Force mission by helping to grow the cyber talent force by helping veterans pursue cybersecurity career but we will be able to help the current cyber talent force keep their cybersecurity credentials current by helping to DLG as subject matter experts and peer mentors. 
Coordinated the event with Dr. Rob Williams by creating an eventbrite registration page and marketing the event through all of the Collider members and contact lists of the AFRL SB Hub.

Feedback from Dr. Williams: "I felt the collider today at your WBI-444 was a huge success and well attended. It was made possible by the great support that you (AFRL SB Hub) provided."
"...a lot of the credit goes to the help you (AFRL SB Hub) provided back in 2017 where this all began."