Recap: Design Sprint Bootcamp

29.06.19 01:19 AM By Jennie Hempstead

Joe Althaus, WBI Rapid Innovation Program Manager, recently attended Design Sprint Bootcamp, offered by Wily Sprints. Joe shared some of the key takeaways from the Bootcamp that WBI can translate from industry into Air Force practice. Here are some highlights Joe shared during the May 2019 Lunch & Learn event:

"A Default Breaker"
Sprints are about stretching...everything. That includes breaking through the excuse of "we've always done it that way". Sprints will challenge the Air Force to look beyond the default way of problem-solving and the litany of reasons that prevent ideas from moving forward.

"Pre-work is as Critical as the Sprint Itself"
There is a lot of work that goes into planning the Design Sprint. You need a fully deconstructed problem to solve, with a specific focus. Trying to reinvent large systems, processes or cultural norms within the construct of a sprint will likely be unsuccessful. Inviting the right collaborators and identifying the right facilitation techniques all takes planning and effort before engaging people in person.

"Optimize Time, Increase Productivity"
Sprint participants with an efficient and time-critical mentality will produce your best outcomes. It's not the forum for existential questions or lengthy debate: the energy and intent of the Sprint should prioritize time optimization and productivity.

"There's a Strict Schedule"
Be prepared to enforce the schedule. If you're trying to produce a prototype in a week, you cannot spend four of the five days broadening the scope of the problem. Build one day to broaden the problem and narrow it down. Sticking with the schedule will feel uncomfortable for participants that are used to fully vetting an idea before prototyping, but that's not what the spirit of the Sprint is about.

Interested in learning more? Contact Joe for more information.