Wright Brothers Institute Announces New Training Series for Air Force Scientists & Engineers

24.01.19 03:43 AM By Jennie Hempstead

Scientists and engineers at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)are used to being rock stars of the publishing world. Now, the Air Force wants them to be the rock stars of the patent world. Wright Brothers Institute is launching a training program that will help them be rock stars in both.

The ACTIVATION series is a three-part training platform for the Air Force Technology Transfer and Transition (T3) office, created by Wright Brothers Institute and the Ohio State University. The first class in the series, PROACTIVATE, is a one-day, standalone course for any interested AFRL scientist or engineers. The goal is to train scientists and engineers on the basics of product development, while producing technology in the lab. Attendees will learn effective invention disclosure techniques that will increase the commercialization success rate. This training is specifically designed to give researchers the tools to continue to publish their technology, with protection (and possibly patenting) in mind. The first session begins January 31, 2019.

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Training modules ACTIVATE and COACTIVATE are in development.