The Payoff: WBI's SPRINT Process Accelerates VQ-Prize Concepts

27.06.19 02:25 AM By Jennie Hempstead

WBI completed a follow-on Tech SPRINT, 18-22 March 2019, to help Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) accelerate the diverse concepts received from the early 2019 VQ-Prize Challenge (read about the initial challenge). This SPRINT invited the top solution providers to present their concepts to end-users and the SPACE CAMP software team. SPACE CAMP is a collaboration between AFRL and AFSPC to create rapid software build as with formal input from operators for a direct transition to AFSPC.

Here are some of the key SPRINT payoffs:

Payoff #1: Two concepts, titled "Top Level Information Visualizations" and "Belief Networks" were identified as enhancements to the current Alert Messaging System.

Payoff #2: A modification to the modular software solution enabled the addition of thousands of records from the Unified Data Library to incorporate SPRINT-mined corrections from users and AFSPC.

Payoff #3: "Belief Network" and "Nomigram" concepts underwent rapid ideation that resulted in a new data feed that will provide confident decision-making information.

Payoff #4: The MIT 3D team build a 3D screen demonstration during the SPRINT to show how the coordination of information about a collision probability with the International Space Station(ISS) would be worked efficiently between the Air Force and NASA. The SPACE CAMP team will continue to work it into their SPACE Cockpit demonstrator.

The leader of the SPACE CAMP integration team, Maj Rob Slaughter, was excited about the new concepts and the value expressed by the AFSPC users at the SPRINT. He called the SPRINT “an absolute home run” for finding the right place to integrate these into usable products.