WBI Assists 711th Air Base Wing with Strategic Planning, Integration Initiatives

26.11.19 06:17 PM By Jennie Hempstead

Critical Care Air Transport Team during initial course instruction. (U.S. Air Force photo by Richard Eldridge)

The integration of the School of Aerospace Medicine, the Human Integration Division and the Airman Systems Technical Directorate into the 711th Human Performance Wing has been underway for several years. WBI was heavily involved with assisting Gen Koeniger, 711th HPW/CC with strategic planning and organizational development during his tenure from 2016-2019. Gen Dienst, the new 711th HPW Commander has asked WBI to assist him over the next several months in a similar manner on strategic planning and organizational development. 

The future direction of the Wing, as well as AFRL/RH, will be determined by this effort and will be integrated into the larger AFRL Strategic Plan and strategic efforts supporting the USAF, AFMC and Air Force Surgeon General operations. 

The 711th HPW effectiveness will depend on the integration of the cultures, strategies, processes and efforts of the three elements that make up the Wing. This WBI facilitated project will heavily influence that integration, which will result in breakthrough human-performance technology advances of critical importance to the future of the Air Force.

WBI planned this three workshop effort in conjunction with the 711th HPW leadership and will manage and facilitate the workshops. The first workshop, held on Nov 1, 2019, resulted in a thorough SWOT analysis of each of the major Wing organizations and the second workshop, to be held on Nov 12, 2019 will focus on a SWOT analysis of the entire Wing. The third workshop, on Nov 25, 2019, will develop the key strategic opportunities and focus areas for the Wing to be executed over the next five years.